Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting is a term commonly used for those who look after children that may have suffered trauma.  This includes pre-birth trauma, separation, illness or any other factor that has affected the child’s functioning and/or their attachments.

Therapeutic Parenting  requires a nurturing approach and recognises the need for firm and consistent boundaries.  Empathy is central to Therapeutic Parenting, this helps parents to practice insightful responses to a child’s distress and behaviours.  Therapeutic Parents are required to look beyond the child’s presenting behaviours, the TRUE model embraces challenging behaviour as it can provide opportunities to help us understand the child’s trauma.  The TRUE model promotes empathic narratives, this is essential with helping children to understand their distress and manage their behaviours.

Therapeutic Parenting enables a child to recover from the trauma that they have experienced and to form secure attachments.

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