Can I become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

True Fostering would like to speak with you about how we can help you become a Foster Parent.

There is a desperate need for Foster Parents and we will support you fully to enable you to make a difference to a child or young person’s life.

Many people think that there is a reason they cannot foster; for example, they don’t drive or they are single. At True Fostering we look positively at everyone who contacts us.

A family who fosters will need a spare bedroom for a child or young person and certain serious offences may bar a person from fostering, however minor offences could be considered.

Foster Parents come from all walks of life, see below;

  • Married, unmarried, same sex or mixed sex couples
  • Single people; males and females
  • With or without your own children
  • Employed, unemployed or self-employed
  • Home owners; private or local authority tenants; house or flat
  • Diverse cultures
  • With or without a faith/religion
  • People whose primary language may not be English
  • Professional or manual worker

We need people who understand this is not a traditional ‘job’ and commitment is essential.   There are qualities and characteristics that make individuals very good therapeutic Foster Parents.  Those who are, patient, empathic, accepting, not judgemental, willing to learn and reflect- are the people who make very good therapeutic Foster Parents.

Are you empathic, patient, accepting, curious, understanding, resilient?  Are you willing to learn how to practice therapeutic parenting strategies?  Would you embrace a robust therapeutic team and accept their advice and support?