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Foster Parent Support

We understand that fostering a child or young person can be tricky at times so we offer a range of support to all our Foster Parents based on the child/young person, or the Foster Parent’s needs.

The regular support a Foster Parent receives includes;

  • A management team that has many years’ experience with fostering, either as Foster Parents or senior Social Workers.
  • A weekly allowance depending on experience and training.
  • A dedicated, qualified Supervising Social Worker who supports you, to ensure best practice, keeping children/young people and Foster Parents safe.
  • A 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year telephone contact with someone who knows you and your child or young person.
  • An Agency Handbook with Policies and Procedures that are clear.
  • A ‘matching’ process that involves you in the decision about who is placed with you and for how long.
  • Support at all professional meetings.
  • TRUE Fostercare Team Meetings.
  • Foster Parent led Support Groups facilitated and funded by TRUE Fostercare
  • Activities that include the whole family.
  • A varied training programme which gives you the skills to be a professional Foster Parent whilst complying with legislation, standards and regulations.
  • Access to additional services such as Therapy, Education or Resource Worker as needed.
  • Membership to Fostering Network – a professional magazine and helpline service.
  • Membership to the National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NATP)